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Dr. Cox and Dr. Bond use only the latest tools and techniques to enhance your comfort and maximize the effectiveness of your dental work.


Nightguard for Bruxism
In some cases of Bruxism (grinding teeth unconsciously), a nightguard or splint is a solution. A thorough evaluation will allow us to check your teeth, tissues, and muscles to determine whether or not you suffer from bruxism.



An alternative to traditional metal braces, Invisalign is clear and removable. Treatment plans vary, but you may complete therapy in 9 to 18 months.


Digital X-Ray

Replaces traditional x-rays and exposes patients to about 80% less radiation. A tiny sensor is placed in your mouth that creates a detailed image of your internal oral structures, which is immediately viewable on a chairside monitor.


Galileos® Cone Beam Digital Radiography System

3D diagnostics and high resolution imaging, allowing 360-degree viewing, which provides additional information for treatment planning.


Cerec 3D®

Galileos 3D imaging communicates with the CEREC CAD-CAM design software, providing the dentists with details they need to create some crowns, bridges, or dental implant restorations.


KOR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ System

An effective, reliable way to whiten your teeth permanently. It is a comfortable, easy process for beautiful, healthy and natural looking white results.


Nitrous/Laughing Gas

Enhances patient comfort and relieves anxiety for patients of all ages.

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